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Jinlai is one of the main honeycomb ceramic products supplier in China, and has a complete product line including cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate, DPF substrate (Diesel Particulate Filter), DOC/SCR substrate, VOC/SCR application substrate and Metallic Substrate. Most of our products are sold to Europe and America.
In recent years, we introduce the advanced technology in honeycomb ceramic production ...More>>
Metallic substrate
Our DPF product includes cordierite DPF and SiC DPF, based on material...
Honeycomb ceramic substrate for gasoline vehicle
The ceramic monolith has special honeycomb structure, and is made of cordierite...
Industrial VOC/SCR application substrate
The product is made of cordierite material. It is coated with different catalyst...
DOC/SCR substrate
Our DOC/SCR substrate completely meets the requirement of Euro4 emission standard...
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